A Jump Through African American Wedding Traditions 

With Black History month in full swing, we want to honor a wedding tradition among African Americans that has continued to be popular: jumping the broom. This tradition can either happen after the minister pronounces the couple husband and wife or at the wedding reception, but either way it is a tradition of matrimony that has a long root for African American people.

This “jumping the broom” tradition symbolizes sweeping out the old and bringing in the new for the couple. With its beginning roots in West Africa, the tradition stemmed from waving handmade brooms over the couples’ heads to rid them of evil spirits. Having the broom placed on the ground when the couples left the church was also seen from time to time. As the married couple jumped over the broom, whoever jumped the highest was designated the decision maker of the house hold, so put your jumping shoes on and let the battle of the hops begin.

During the 18th and 19th centuries, jumping the broom was the way some slave populations of the American South sought to legalize their marriage since it was illegal for them to wed in the courthouse. This tradition has lost some of its meaning over the years due to the association with slavery, but it is still practiced today in many African American weddings. Today “broom jumping” pays homage to the ancestors of the couple when vows were not traditionally sanctioned, symbolizes a new start and adds a traditional twist to their wedding day.

This tradition has held its popularity in the African American culture so much that there was a movie made about it. “Jumping the Broom” is a comedy film that came out in 2011. The title of the film and the basis of the movie originate from this long tradition of jumping the broom.

Black History month celebrates many holidays and traditions of African Americans. “Jumping the broom” is a wedding tradition that brings together two families and their traditions, past, present and future. A custom from long ago, this wedding-day act will be seen at ceremonies for years to come.


Real Weddings: Chelsey and Tyler Boxberger 

We are happy to introduce to you the newlyweds, Chelsey and Tyler! We loved their rustic, laid-back wedding! This wedding shot by Ken Doll Photography and coordinated by Eco-Posh Events is one of those that just makes you instantly happy. Maybe it’s the great outdoorsy setting, or the bright and cheery pops of color, or the clearly-madly-in-love newlyweds, maybe it’s all of it. If you’re looking to inject your wedding day with a rustic type of feel, look no further!


Until Next time,

Jessica Satterfield


Real Weddings: Kris and Sara

We are excited to share the wedding of Kris and Sara! They were such an awesome couple to work with. Their wedding was held at one of Kansas City's most charming, and creative event space called The Bauer. located in the historic Crossroads Distric in downtown Kansas City. 

The decor was fun and original. The centerpieces included milk bottles from a local Missouri milk company called, Shatto; which were stored with, Coffee beans, wine corks or even a single steam flower. Around the tables you would find roughly sketched place settings for guest to peer at during the reception (One of the many details that made their wedding creative.)

The coordination and flowers were designed by Eco-Posh Events. The arrangements were created with a touch of mustard, blues, oranges, and whites. While the bridesmaids floral focused on whites, and minnimal navy blue to pop against the lady's navy blue dresses.

And the amazing photography you ask? The photos were taken by Allie Coyle Photography and we hope you enjoy the photo's as much as we do!

Eco-Friendly elements there were multiple factors that made this wedding eco-friendly. Such as: Ceremony and reception held at one location (which cuts back on Carbons and Carbon monoxide which is a major pollutant.) The couple used recycled glass, and bottles. Recycled floral containers, Jute table runners, upcycled decor. The bride wore an eco-friendly gown made by Janay A ( which is a local eco-friendly wedding gown designer.) 

A laid back enviroment with resourceful and fun decor made this wedding a fun celebration for everyone. It was truly and amazing wedding! Congratulations Kris and Sara! 


Floral was created by Eco-Posh Events which included: Billy balls, free spirit roses, dusty miller, orange macara orchids, blue hydrangeas, burlap leaves, wrapped with navy blue satin.

The Bridesmaids flowers were created with: white hydrangea, blue thisle, dusty miller, carnations, silver burunia wrapped with navy blue satin.

Sara's handmade organic wedding dress created by Janay A.


The couple hired Benetti's Coffee to operate a coffee bar during the cocktail hour and the reception.  As a thank you, Kris and Sara handed out grated coffee beans inside gift bags with a 'thank you’ stamped on them for a very unique and fun wedding favor.



Until next time,

jessica Satterfield


A little twist- The Dessert Table 

There are many traditions that even most "non-traditional" brides like to keep, like the Father-Daughter dance, the bouquet toss and the cake cutting! But if you are a bride who isn't sure about paying (or eating!) a large, traditional wedding cake, consider a dessert bar. There are many ways to approach the dessert bar to make it just how you imagined. Here are some things to consider as you are working through this step in the planning process: 

-Do you and your fiance have favorite local bakeries or sweet shops? Some brides are concerned about the price of having to buy from only one store, but with a dessert bar, you don't have to! Pick some of your favorite treats from your local provider and mix those in with items that you can easily purchase in bulk (like cookie boxes, or chocolate covered pretzels). 

-Do you and your fiance still want to 'cut a cake'? You still can, no problem! Just buy a small or miniture cake that the two of you can share and have enough left over to save for your first anniversary. You can even buy other small cakes to spread throughout the dessert bar if you are worried that some guests will insist on a piece of cake. 

-Do you and your fiance have flowers or decor that you would like to transfer from the ceremony site? Dessert tables are the perfect place for extra flowers or decorations that have been transferred from the ceremony site! It is easy to make a beautiful display bursting with delicious sweets and gorgeous flowers. 

Dessert bars are a fun way to keep the tradition, while also taking your own spin on it. Check out some of the pictures below from some of our past events for ideas on how to arrange and set up your own dessert bar! (Photos provided by Sharaya Mauck Photography and Silver Thumb Photography!)


Kansas City Fashion Week BLUSH- Behind the Scenes with Janay A. Handmade

Last weekend Kansas City celebrated its third consecutive Fashion Week, and it was a great display of the growing Fashion Scene here in the Midwest. With designers coming from many backgrounds and offering styles to fit the taste of any fashionista, the display was that to rival any Fashion Week in New York or LA. We had the great opportunity to work backstage during their first Bridal show, BLUSH, with Janay A. Handmade.  Janay offers brides dresses that are beautiful, handmade and an Eco-friendly choice. Not only does she make custom designs from "scratch", she also makes wonderful heirloom gowns that incorporate dresses from past family weddings. It was great to see her creations displayed on a runway and we are so happy that she chose us to be involved in the experience! Take a look at some behind-the-scenes photos and the video that we managed to capture right before Janay's debut! 



 Janay's Gowns on the runway!