Fine Tooners: artistic and eco-friendly favors

Let's be honest. You're a creative person, you don't follow the herd, you don't fit into a box. Then why should your event?

At Eco-Posh Events we're always looking for new and innovative ways to break out of the mold. We love working with our clients to find creative solutions that reflect their values and personality. One of our favorite experiences was with Jess and Jason's wedding. Rather than following well-worn trends and setting up a photo booth at their reception, a caricature artist created original artwork of the guests. Their friends and family had so much fun with it!

We're thrilled to have Deb and Judy of Fine Tooners of Overland Park partner with us in our Launch Party!

Their "kind and gentle" caricatures are a big hit as the favor in wedding receptions, anniversary parties, conventions, and many other events. They draw at a rate of one person every three to four minutes, couples every five to six minutes. With the 100% post-consumer paper they use, Fine Tooners is a great eco-friendly way to provide creative memories for your guests.

Ideas we love:

  • The caricatures are favors that guests will frame and rather than contributing to waste.
  • A bride and groom can sit for a couple's caricature in advance for friends and family to sign a guestbook.
  • Fine Tooners can provide caricature coloring books based on the wedding party for the children participants during the reception or to be mailed after the event.
  • And the most amazing idea - the artists at Fine Tooners also create 3D Caricature Cake Toppers... Yes, that's right. They sculpt personalized 3D cake toppers modeled on the actual blushing bride and handsome groom. Brilliant.


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