Perfect Wedding Guide Show

There is nothing better than having the opportunity to showcase our work and help plan the PWG Fashion show! Eco-Posh Events was so fortunate to provide the floral arrangements and bouquets for the beautiful models adorned in The Gown Gallery, Bridal Extraordinaire, and Belle Vogue, as well as coordinate the fashion event.  

From shic vintage to extravagant formal wear, eyes were gawking at the beauties walking up and down the catwalk. My particular favorite part of the day was watching brides light up with excitement when they saw the perfect dress. I also loved listening to the extra shout-outs and whistles when we had the male models walk out in handsome Men's Warehouse attire. There's always a little more enthusiasm during those moments with a convention center full of women. 

Our booth had quite a turn out as well! We loved meeting all the new brides and presenting new and exciting wedding decor. Check out some of our inspired designs below!


Ink Magazine's Bridal Issue

There is always a great surge in bridal shows and bridal magazines available after the New Year, and Kansas City's own Ink Magazine is no exception. This week, they released their Bridal Issue giving Kansas City Brides across the metro access to great (and free) info! Here at Eco-Posh, we are great supporters of all things local, and this issue is a great resource to help plan all aspects of your big day-- from the engagement ring to the rice toss. There is a great article about a local ring designer who makes custom and unique sets for both the bride and groom. The designer is known as Jeff Wiedenmann and he has been running his jewelry store (Visionary Jewelers) out of Overland Park since 2006. There has been a rising trend in couples getting custom rings made, and why not? What is better than having a ring that was made specifically for your loved one and that shows their unique character and personality? Supporting these smaller-scale jewelers is not only a benefit to you and them, but also to the planet as well. Generally, it is much easer to get a jewel or diamond that you know is conflict free when the designer themselves are the ones personally picking out the stones that they use in their designs. So it's a win-win-win situation! We highly recommend considering a custom ring when you start thinking about getting engaged. 

Another great business that the Bridal Issue pointed out is Upcycled Weddings, which is based out of the West Bottoms. This place is a great resource for the Green Bride! They offer gently used and repurposed wedding decor and also accept some decor as well! This is a great concept that helps not only the budget-concience bride, but one who doesn't want to leave a large carbon footprint on her big day.  You should check them out online, where they have contact info and their blog. They are also open by appointment and the first weekend of the month (8 am-8 pm on Friday and Saturday & 10 am to 5pm on Sunday). 

There are plenty of other great business and resources in this week's Ink issue, so go out and get one before their gone!! 




Bridal Spectacular Show

What an experience this weekend! Not only did we provide services for two beautiful weddings, but we also enjoyed our involvement in the Bridal Spectacular Show, which was truly spectacular.  The Eco Posh team had a blast prepping and arranging the beautiful floral décor for each unique event. And our Bridal Spectacular booth couldn't have turned out better! We had a blast meeting and learning about the newly engaged couples, and observing the latest and greatest of this year's vendors. We are truly fortunate to have the opportunity to showcase Eco Posh Events to the hundreds of brides and grooms that made it out to the show, and we can’t wait to work with all those who were interested! A crazy but fulfilling weekend!  

Our documented and completed work:



Wedding and Show Preparation!


The organic table presented a literal eco-design by using moss overlay on the table with exciting gold and burlap accents.

And the rainbow table added pops of bright floral accents on a shabby chic design. 


Interview with Sharaya Mauck Photography

It has been a PLEASURE to work with Sharaya Mauck, a WONDERFUL wedding photographer who captures the emotion and compassion in every photo. Sharaya's biggest regret is not having the candid, meaningful, and expressive shots of her own wedding with her beloved husband, Kyle. As a result, Sharaya's career changed from wanting to be a Sea World trainer as a child to a passionate wedding photographer, in order to give each wedding couple the opportunity to relive their wedding through captured moments. Entering into her 4th year of wedding photography, Sharaya has plenty of stories and advice to share about herself and her experiences:

Could you share something fun, funky, and personal about you?
Fun: Growing up, I lived in Southern California and was in Synchronized swimming and absolutely loved it! I wanted so badly to be a trainer at Sea World and do tricks off of dolphins and Shamu!
Funky: I am named after the 80's song by Amy Grant: Sharayah
Personal: I love the Lord and only look to Him for everything! I have been married for almost 5 1/2 years to Kyle and we have a little dog named Nikon!  I am very driven, motivated and competitive. 

Funny Wedding story:
At one of my weddings this year, the Bride was kidding but said to her bridesmaid: "Stop making that face, you look ugly". The bridesmaid totally lost it and cried for a good 20 minutes! 

Three things brides should consider when selecting a photographer:
1. Do you love and see the value in the work that they offer?
2. Do you get along with the photographer and feel comfortable with them?
3. Do they offer great customer service?

Favorite elements to shoot at a wedding:
My favorite part of the wedding day is capturing the bride and groom together. What an amazing opportunity to capture a couple  the day that they are most in love and starting out their new lives together! I also love photographing all of the details. Every Bride puts so much thought and creativity into the design and details of their wedding day and I love seeing all the different details that every wedding offers. 





Benifits of Having a Christmas Wedding

Why not advance the most joyful holiday season into a commemorative occasion of faith, hope, and love! There are many advances in having a Christmas wedding, including décor, finances, and convenience. Many facilities or vendors will usually have a great deal of Christmas décor and holiday arrangements already provided. The natural beauty involved in Christmas also provides inexpensive or free aesthetic elements, such as snow, pine trees, and holiday spirit. Christmas time is an off-season for vendors, which means that more vendors and facilities are available and affordable. Family and friends also tend to come home for the holidays, which presents a perfect opportunity for them to attend the wedding without planning an extra trip.