Eco-Posh Practices

There are almost 2.5 million weddings a year in the United States. Consider each item that goes into the production (single-use bleached white gowns, chemically-treated imported flowers, toxic makeup and skincare products, mined gem-based jewelry, individual packets of rice, plastic and petroleum based keepsakes, etc), and multiply each item by 2.5 million. The environmental impact of the wedding industry is enormous.

At Eco-Posh Events, we ensure your plans come to life with Eco-chic style! Our goal is to exemplify how to "green" your event without sacrificing the vision, quality, or caliber. When it comes to our dwellings, business practices, and design, we strive to make a positive impact in the world. As Certified Green Event Planners, we walk the talk. We promote our paper-free philosophy, use self-made and eco-friendly cleaning products in the office, and are vigilant in promoting our strong network of fellow eco-friendly vendors.

Although we live by the tried and true principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle, our eco-conscious services dig a little deeper to present elegant and unique solutions.

Daily Green Business Practices

Our Dwellings:  Our office was designed with sustainability in mind.   Purchasing vintage and used furniture, art made of dried materials, recycled glass vases, waste baskets and storage made of news papers, and  photo frames from reclaimed wood are a few our favorite finds and express the essence of Eco-Posh through design.

Minimum Printing:  With electronic signature agreements (optional), electronic files, and electronic note books, printing is a rarity in the daily operations at Eco-Posh.  We know sometimes printing is appropriate. In these cases, we utilize 100% post consumer product, tree-free papers and soy-based inks for promotional items.  For some occasions we've also utilized an eco-friendly font that reduces the amount of ink needed for printing.

Event Design:  We provide exquisite solutions that maintain a minimum impact. Each design is custom, but we consistently present designs that contain renewable resources, locally grown (when available), organic, or fair trade flowers in our designs.  When the preferred isn't available we still present design solutions that are exquisite but still have a minimum impact.  We always compost floral scraps and recycle packaging. We also offer post-event clean up services, which include repackaging event flowers for guests to take home, donating event flowers to local hospitals or retirement homes.

Cleaning:  Wherever appropriate we utilize our self-made cleaning supplies and support "green" products as an alternative.

Vendors:  We promote and support our local vendors and business by partnering with our colleagues to  produce ecologically responsible events.

Education:  Not only are we constantly educating ourselves on the event industry, but we're continually challenging ourselves to stay on the cusp of the "green" industry. We stay informed to offer our clients the very best and relevant resources.

What can I do to help neutralize my event's carbon footprint?

For tips on how to "green" your event check our blog weekly.  We're always posting eco-friendly ideas and planning solutions!  Click here for an overview on how to "green" your event.


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